USD 475

USD 475 Vision

Motto: We Believe All Can Achieve

Mission: The mission of Geary County USD 475 is to inspire learning empowering all students to become contributing members of society with the personal, professional and social skills necessary for their success.

Vision: Geary County Schools should be a place where:
  • All students can learn.
  • All adults work together to promote student success.
  • Lifelong learning is promoted.
  • All have the opportunity to be treated with respect.
  • We acknowledge we can accomplish more together than separately.
  • Quality and personal best can be attained by all.

  • Thirteen elementary schools are located in USD 475. They are grouped below by location in Grandview, Milford, Ft. Riley, or Junction City. Follow the links to visit each school site.

    Grandview School
    Grandview Elementary School

    Milford School
    Milford Elementary School

    Fort Riley Elementary Schools
    Custer Hill Elementary
    Fort Riley Elementary
    Jefferson Elementary
    Morris Hill Elementary
    Ware Elementary

    Junction City Elementary Schools
    Eisenhower Elementary
    Franklin Elementary
    Lincoln Elementary
    Sheridan Elementary
    Washington Elementary
    Westwood Elementary